We had a very busy first week back to school.  Our school population has grown to 570 students and 71 staff members.  We are confident that number will continue to grow throughout the month of September. 

School Cash On Line – Student Fees and Forms
As of today, approximately 27% of our student population has paid their student fees and completed all the necessary forms using the School Cash On Line system. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the website, please reach out to the office for help. School Cash can be accessed by clicking HERE.

School Photos 
School picture day is Thursday, September 14.  

Lockdown Drill
Our first lockdown drill is scheduled for Friday, September 15 at approximately 10:15 AM.  The RCMP will be on site to support us through the drill and provide feedback to our staff on what we can do to improve our practice in the event of an actual emergency.  Teachers will work with students to ensure they understand the importance of the drill, but that this is just a practice. During the drill, no one will be permitted in or out of the building, and our phones will not be answered. 

Parents on School Grounds
Now that our first week of school is behind us, we ask that parents DO NOT come on school grounds for drop off in the morning.  For families picking up students in K-2, we asked that you come on school grounds no earlier than 2:30 PM.   We also asked that you leave the school grounds once you have picked up your child.  The school playground is used regulary throughout the day by all classes, K-8 and the presence of adults we can not confirm can pose a security concern. 

School Website
Please check our website often.  We will be working hard to keep it up to date, including the school calendar. 



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