Wow!  What an exciting couple of days at Birchmount School! The halls were alive with the sounds of excited students. Just the way we like it! Tomorrow will be another busy day as we welcome every student back together. 

We have a few reminders of some processes and expectations as we hit the mid-way point of our first week.

Drop Off Zone

Please be careful in the student drop off zone.  The area is one way with the entrance at the end furthest from the building.  The drop off zone is also one lane and that passing vehicles is extremely dangerous.  Please be patient as other families drop off their precious cargo.  If you need to park your vehicle to enter the building, please use the parking lot and not the drop off lane.

Playground Use

We love seeing families using our playground in the evenings and weekends.  Please remember that the playground is for school use only until after our grades 3-8 dismissal at 2:40PM.  We have 2 other lovely playgrounds(Pinehurst and Sumner) in our neighbourhood that can be used during school hours. 

School Forms and School Fees

Please be sure to register for School Cash Online to complete our necessary forms and pay any school related fees.

Scent Free

We have many Bears with sensitivities to strong scents.  Please avoid using perfume or body sprays prior to coming into the school.

Cell Phone

We continue to be a cell phone free environment for students.  Teachers will be reviewing those expectations with their students.  We value your support at home to ensure that students understand the importance of leaving their cell phones at home or in their backpacks during the school day.

Changes in Enrollment and Teacher Changes

Our enrollment continues to change daily.  We are collaborating with the Office of the Superintendent to make the best decisions for all our Birchmount Bears in regard to class placements and teachers.  We promise to keep you informed if any changes are necessary to your child’s teacher or class placements. We appreciate the trust that you have in us to make the best decisions possible.  



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